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Octavia E. Butler’s Transition Anniversary ~ OEBLegacy is a Year Old!

It’s been a year since we launched the Octavia E. Butler Legacy Network (OEBLegacy) on Facebook to raise awareness about the state of Butler’s gravesite in Altadena, California. Eight years ago today, Octavia made the transition to the realm of the ancestors. We commemorate her life today and throughout the year and February 24th always marks a special day for OEBLegacy Network.

When I first visited her final resting place in August 2011, her headstone was so overgrown that I couldn’t find it. I quickly realized that her physical memorial is just one part of her legacy. Since 2011 through OEBLEgacy, we all realize that her legacy is so much more. It has been a year since the Facebook launch. I am grateful for a year of reading her work intentionally in community, building relationships, and looking back at her life’s work while also looking toward the future. We have some exciting announcements to make when more details become available. In the meantime, there are some ways you can celebrate and commemorate with us today and throughout the year.

Go through the OEBLegacy Tumblr archive and look at some of the images, quotes, videos, and links we’ve shared. We are most proud of being able to hold a virtual community memorial gathering for #visitoctaviabutler2013 in honor of her birthday. Folks were able to submit love notes to Octavia for her birthday in 2013 and we’ll be doing it again this year. We’ll let you know how to submit your 2014 love note birthday wishes soon!

If you want to check out some of what you’ve missed over the last year, you can like our Facebook page and follow us on Tumblr and Twitter. This year we will deepen and broaden our commitment to sharing and supporting her legacy. To accomplish this, the OebLegacy blog will be updated more frequently and we’ll continue to share events we are looking forward to that are planned by others and the ones we have in the works.

In her memory,

Ayana A. H. Jamieson

Founder of OebLegacy